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    Have you been been ripped off by diet patch scams like this?
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    The U.S. FTC has prosecuted diet patch scams for over two decades.
    There are over 100 entries on their web site alone.
    Many of these involved Canadian companies hiding out in private mailboxes. It seems that nothing has changed here in Canada, eh?


    Dayonne Power Patch Scam


    Gloucester, Ontario - April 2000

    The Ottawa area is again the host of one of the worst diet scams I have ever seen. I just got an envelope of Dayonne Power Patch material from a fellow fan from Amherstburg, Ontario. It's the slickest multi-part diet scam so far, bar none. This same scam was recently uncovered in U.S. and U.K.

    FTC investigating Dayonne Research complaints

    They used direct mail pieces, no phone number, no credit card information, no GST number given. However, the bulk mail permit number was 00635200-90. Signatures, obviously faked like the pictures, were for someone named Phillip Dayonne, President, and Johan Rogers, Financial Director.

    Why the hell does the Canada Poste issue a bulk mailing permit to these scam artists in the first place? I have the original envelope and everything else, and there are tons of pictures of people both before and after.

    My challenge to Industry Canada and to the police in the Ottawa area is simply this, when are you people going to get on the ball and shut the scam artists operating out of the Mailboxes Etc. franchise operations?

    It is clear from the U.K. and from the U.S. evidence that Dr. Phillip Dayonne does not exist. How do these things get printed and bulk mailed from Canada without being checked first by the postal inspectors? Why aren't these people behind bars?

       Dayonne Research & Development
       1769 St. Laurent Blvd. No. 120
       Gloucester, Ont. K1G 5X7
       (613) 526-4898

    So all you folks who are really and truely ticked off at Mailboxes Etc. again, you have the opportunity to call over and over again and ask them why their location here and in other areas of Canada is used by factitious companies, and individuals to scam the Canadian public. The number above is the direct line to the Gloucester Mailboxes Etc. franchise owner. I think he/she and the owner of the company must know the score by now. Let the phone ring off the hook, and tell them you don't like scams.