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    Your money may be funding terrorists

    Diet scams could be part of an international terrorist organization. If your credit card has been billed for products like Algoxyll, Plant Macerat, or Befosan, there's a good chance that your credit card statement was billed to Geneva Bioscience Ltd. Isle Of Man Gb. Just look at your credit card, and if you notice this company, or any other foreign transactions that you can't explain, please let us know.

    -- Diet product scammers are now taking aim at older women and men. They are placing 2 page ads in senior citizen and craft magazines, as well as Prevention Magazine, A&E, etc. So, if you see any of these scams in your magazine, please let us know.

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  • Cellu-Fight scam


    FTC Smashes Bio-Lab - Cellu-Fight / Quick Slim

    Canadian-Based Company agrees to settle with FTC

    The Federal Trade Commission charged a Canadian corporation operating in the United States under the name Bio Lab and its president with deceiving consumers through false advertising for their weight-loss and cellulite-treatment products in violation of the FTC Act. The FTC announced today a law enforcement action against No. 9068-8425 Quebec, Inc., doing business as Bio Lab, and its president, Jean-Francois Brochu. The FTC alleged that the defendants, using mainstream U.S. media, targeted U.S. consumers by advertising and selling "Quick Slim" - a purported weight-loss product which they claim causes users to lose rapid and substantial weight without dieting or exercise; and "Cellu-Fight," a product which they claim completely eliminates cellulite without any effort by users. The FTC filed the case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York on September 3, 2002.

    Mailbox drop used again

    If you want a new tablet to directly attack your pocket book or bank account, then you'll love this scam. They say that you will COMPLETELY ELIMINATE CELLULITE. Well I'll be damned, and I thought it would only clear up 99.77% of it. My was I wrong, or what? So what the hell happens to all of this stuff that's sucked out of your buns, love handles, and thighs? Where does it go?

    Cellu-Fight is in the Smart Source coupon supplement again in Ontario. This time it's paired up with their other one, SlimDown Fast.

    Date: June 15, 2002
    Pickle Barrel Plaza
    5863 Leslie St. - Box 1011
    Toronto, ON
    M2H 1J8

    We have complained to MBE executives and they have done nothing to control the situation. This MBE location has been the source of a number of complaints to the BBB because of unscrupulous activities that have been hosted by this company. In the U.S. MBE is owned by UPS, so if you want to use Fed. Express to do your shipping needs, keep this in mind.

    In the same issue of the Smart Source was another SLIMDOWN fast scam. The Competition Bureau wants to hear from anyone who has been scammed by the company that uses this particular mailbox address. So, please go to the "file complaints" section or contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.

    One of the warning signs about scams is that they market numerous products, with very glitzy sounding names. The fact is that none of them do what they say. When you contact either us, or the Competition Bureau, mention all that you know, i.e. where it was advertised, how you paid for it, if you got delivery, where your credit card was charged, and please watch your credit card bill carefully for any unusual activity if you happened to be dumb enough to give any of these characters your name.

    When you call the toll-free number, if they have one, please write down every detail of the call, and ask how the weather is where they are. Then ask where they are. Some of the phone shops for some of these companies are actually overseas, i.e. India.

    Who knows where their money goes after your credit card is charged? Ask the people on the other end of the phone how much they make per hours, and if they know where the money goes, or where the real owners of the company live.

    Please report any diet schemes that use MBE mailboxes to us immediately. MBE will do nothing to stop these folks from ripping off the public. Why don't you call the manager of this particular MBE and have a word with them.

      416-502-8786 phone
      416-502-9083 fax
    Incidentally the government of Canada doesn't seem to care about the consumers in this country. If you lose a few dollars, don't expect them to help you. But we feel that the worm may be turning in our favour.

    For a look at what one activist had to say about diet scams, click here and read about Joanne P. Ikeda, M.A., R.D.

    We are organizing a class action suit and will include MBE in our complaints because they have refused to control the situation. They say that unless the government of Canada shuts these scammers down, they will do nothing.

    Please send information if you have ordered anything from these companies that operate out of an MBE franchise in Canada, and let me know if you have had trouble getting your money back.

    Please save all receipts, including credit cards, money order carbons, and check stubs. We need the dates that the ads appeared, which newspaper carried them, and what you were told when you called in your order, how long it took for a refund, etc.

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    Terry Polevoy, MD

  • "Do Nothing" Policies



    When is the government of Canada going to take action against the newspapers and the companies who market this junk on unsuspecting consumers.

    We demand a complete investigation why the government has failed to take action against any of these companies. The diet and weight loss scam industry is worth billions in North America, and much of it comes from Canada. In other words our country is a safe-haven for hundreds of scam artists who use the internet and advertise freely in newspapers without fear of investigation by our governement. Someone right now stands to make millions operating from the safety of Toronto, right under the noses of Health Canada and the Ontario government consumer protection branch.

    We appeal to the ASC, the government, both Provincial and Federal to take control of the fraud artists that are preying on the public. Right now, Canada is the laughing stock of the world when it comes to the control of health quackery.

    We will continue to do everything possible to educate the Canadian public about scam artists and rogue health care providers on our web sites. But, it seems clear from where I sit, that our governments just doesn't care about false advertising, health scams and the dangerous products that come into our country. They also don't care about mailorder scams that originate here, but are often part of an underground cash-filled pipeline to some island in the Lesser Antilles.

    The world of health fraud on the internet includes dozens of other stories, some of them are very serious and involve doctors who are try to ship quack cancer drugs out of Canada into the U.S. That's another story, one that we will cover later on.

    Office of Natural Health Products


    What did the government do about diet and health fraud? Late last year, they decided to form a new office, a spin-off of Health Canada. They appointed a dozen or so people to a transition team, the overwhelming majority supposedly represented the cream of the crop who work in companies that supply Canada with vitamins, herbs, and other alternative health products. These are the very people who can't prove that their products work, who can't prove that there products are safe, and yet the government appoints them to a transition team to set up standards in the natural and herbal product industry.

    While the company that sells this particular product featured in this article is unknown, it is a prime example of what the government has failed to do. Having an Office of Natural Health Products is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

    Why hasn't Health Canada or the police visited the vendors, and their associates to see what is really going on. Where is the money going from their profits? Is it being laundered overseas?

    We Demand that Action be Taken Now!


    Our web sites will cover the story of government failure to control the false claims made in major publications, on the internet, on the radio and televison info-mercials until something is done.

    Terry Polevoy, MD
    65 University Ave. East, Unit 10A
    Waterloo, ON  N2J 2V9

    SEND US YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS: Please send any questionable diet ads in your local paper or magazines from this company. Include the date, the name of the publication, and we will scan them in and forward them to the proper department at the Bureau of Competition of Industry Canada. Please send them even if the ads were in non-Canadian publications. American and other foreign magazines are everywhere. If we don't know that the scams are out there, we won't be able to complain.