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  • Report Diet Patch Scams

    Have you been been ripped off by diet patch scams like this?
    If so, contact and we'd be happy to help you organize your complaint to the appropriate agency.
    You can file complaints yourself with:

    1. Health Canada
    2. Competition Bureau
    3. Advertising Standards Canada
    4. RCMP -

    The U.S. FTC has prosecuted diet patch scams for over two decades.
    There are over 100 entries on their web site alone.
    Many of these involved Canadian companies hiding out in private mailboxes. It seems that nothing has changed here in Canada, eh?



    I opened the box and didn't find the EZEE SLIMMING PATCH. I wonder if Bell Distributors obtained the stash from another company. Several other vendors have had the misfortune to butt heads with regulators in Europe, Canada and the U.S.



    My main complaint is that I paid Pharma Plus for a product in a box that said EZEE SLIMMING PATCH on it. What I got seems to be like some re-cyled product, not even labeled as such. The name on each of the 15 patches sealed in a little ziplock baggie said plainly "Diet-Patch. I am livid. What kind of deception is this?

    Why is Pharma Plus selling a product that doesn't even contain what it says it contains? This is potentially very dangerous and the management of Pharma Plus should have known about this product, and the record of the company who sells it. Who is running Pharma Plus? Why do they seem to be kissing the butt of the herbal products sales people, the shark cartilage hawkers, and now a bogus diet patch? Is the market that competitive that we now have mediocrity at the top?

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    EZEE Slimming diet patch in The Record - January 3, 2004 page B3

    Bogus claims for EZEE Slimming Patch

    Three days after the new Natural Health Products Directorate regulations went into effect in Canada, Mr. Jerch is at it again. The EZEE Slimming diet patches made by Bell was advertised in the K-W Record on Saturday, January 3, 2004 on page B-3. I assume that the advertisement ran across Canada in other papers as well.

    The patches have been on the market for a few years and they do not work as advertised, and in my opinion their claims do not comply with the new regulations.

    According to the new regulations of the Natural Health Products Directorate, their product must meet certain requirments. Claims made in ads have to be proved clinically, and this is clearly not the case.


    EZEE Slimming Patch has:
    • NO PILLS
    • NO DRUGS


    1. Lose weight naturally & keep it off
    2. You will succeed with this herbal diet patch (pure clean ocean kelp), in combination with our unique directions that lets you eat until you are full and still lose weight
    3. No side effects
    4. The only natural and honest approach to losing weight permanently is to change the eating habits that made you overweight. The patch will help you make this change easily by cutting cravings, helping to stop overeating with NO STARVING.
    5. People say they don't crave junk food any more.


    When were these people on the patches? What do they weigh today? Testimonials for diet products are a prime example of a dubious product.
    1. Lost 85 lbs a year ago and kept it off. Dress size 20 to 7. Extremely happy. Sylvia Alarcon, Mississauga, ON
    2. Miracle help. Stopped excess food cravings. Lost 30 lbs over 1 yr. I'm now in control. Lori Moore, Arlington, TX
    3. Kept 23 lbs off effortlessly for 2-1.2 years. Wear 1 patch a week for maintenance & better eating habits. Rene Mathiew, Hanmer, ON
    4. Lost 24 lbs easily without starving. It really works. Alan Fuller, Regina, SK
    5. Dozens more testimonials on the web at


    • A slow, sustained weight loss ensures success. You can fill your stomach with 3 healthy meals and 3 snacks each day and never go hungry. Based on teachings by Pritikin Longevity center and Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D.
    • CLINICAL STUDIES: We have clinical studies conducted by medical doctors that support weight loss success with bladderwrack (ocean kelp Fucus Vesiculosus).


    Bell Lifestyle Products, as they are now known in January 2004, has not presented a single shred of evidence that any of their claims are true. They are all testimonials, and those testimonials are not dated. They also use the names of institutions and a medical doctor in an attempt to convince the reader that they are indeed legitimate in their claims.

    This is a scam to defraud the customer. They don't even make claims in the advertisment that they will return money if it doesn't work.

    We would like to see the Competition Bureau step in to ban these ads from from newspapers, and magazines. We would also like all of the pharmacies and chain drug stores to remove this product from their shelves. Pharmacists should be ashamed of themselves for selling this.

    Terry Polevoy, MD

    Public appeal for help

    Please, please, someone do something about this and do it NOW, before thousands of Canadians who can't read, or who trust pretty packaging and slick ads in newspapers, buy this stuff from some yahoo at the checkout counter of some health food store that also sells Hulda Clark books. Pharma Plus should be taken to task for accomodating this company with top placement for its miracle weight loss patch.

    Nick A. Jerch, you must think that consumers are even stupider than what you think we are.

    You've really outdone yourself. Now let's see how a gun selling, animal cage vendor, who loves shark cartilage and has no love for me, can take the heat. If all you can do is organize another letter writing campaign and put Dr. P. in one of your newsletters about the Diet-Patch, you aren't up to snuff. We give the Feds about one week to pull a few of these patches apart and tell the public what is really on the sticky stuff in these little band-aid castaways.

    As for Pharma Plus, it's about time that a company that markets this kind of stuff has a web site and a complaint department, because you have closed the door on communication. You furthermore have failed to examine what you sell to the public.

    We ask that the chief management make a public statement. We ask for a full explanation why Pharma Plus continues to sell not only the EZEE SLIMMING PATCH, but also why you continue to prominently display BELL Shark Cartilage and a disparaging arthritis newsletter written by Nick Jerch that defames myself and other medical doctors. I plan to make public the full text of the letters that I have received from friends and customers of Mr. Nick A Jerch so the public can see what kind of people they are dealing with when they buy products at Pharma Plus.


    Saturday, January 13, 2001
    The Record, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, page A-7

    Bell Distributors again presents a most unbelievable product to the Canadian public. It's a miracle patch that helps you loose weight permanently. Unfortunately all of their claims are totally and completely bogus. Below you will find the advertising copy, sans graphics. Then my comments. The original advertisement listed local stores, including 4 Pharma Pluslocations in the K-W and Elmira area. We don't know if this was a co-op. type of ad, where the manufacturer and stores co-sponsor it. We will attempt to reach some of those stores and ask them next week.






    with the slimming patch in combination with our healthy eating plan that lets you eat until you are full an still lose weight


    I. The active incredient of the ocean kelp called bladderwrack makes you want to eat less and stops you from overeating.

    II. It also speeds up your metabolism and burns off stored fat

    THE ONLY NATURAL and honest approach to stay slim for the rest of your life. Enjoy eating the right foods that cause you to lose weight. Fully explained and supported.

    For men and women! OCEAN HERB
    bladderwrack has been proved effective & safe for more than 100 years. Starts working same day.
    patch plan allows 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. Nutrition experts now say avoid going hungry. It leads to eating binges and weight gain.

    NO drugs, NO pills, NO calorie countin, NO restrictive torture diets

  • "I lost 15 lbs and I love it!" Tina Taylor, Gem AB
  • "Losing 25 lbs raised my self-esteem." Tanya Thomas, Caledonia ON
  • "Lost 24 lbs easily without starving. It really works." Alan Fuller, Regina SK
  • "I lost 13 lbs a year ago and did not regain it." Nick Jerch, Burlington ON
  • "Lost many inches and feel great!"
  • "Simplicity of patch surprised me."

    Same food plan as used by movie stars when they have to lose weight.
    One month supply of patches $29.95

  • Why do Canadian companies seem to succeed in bringing this kind of crap to the market? They do it because our elected government and their appointed officials either don't care, or don't have the direction to protect the public against consumer fraud. The government of our fair land just doesn't seem to get it, and the advertising managers at major newspapers and supplements just love the money they get from these type of scamsters.

    Main ingredient?.....Profits

    Bell Distributors must think we are all idiots. By putting this stuff on our skin in a patch, they expect the fat to just melt away. Well, how in the world do they do it? Assuming that some of the active ingredient does get through, here are some pointers.

    Bladderwrack - their claim to fame has many names:

    • Kelpware
    • Fucus vesiculosis
    • Black tang
    • Kelp tablets
    • Sea oak
    • Sea wrack
    In the latest edition of The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines by Fetrow and Avila they say the following:
  • Product quality can vary widely. Some products contain eight times as much iodine as others...
  • F. vesiculosis accumulates cadmium and lead in various plant parts, probably because of the heavy metal content of sea water.

    Testimonials for EZEE?

    Nick did it again, he includes a whole bunch of testimonials, including his own. All you have to do is ask your local Pharma Plus Pharmacist who is probably going to hide under the counter when he hears the name EZEE. Ask to see the entire flyer before you buy this product. The flyer is taped to the outside of the box of the "EZEE SLIMMING PATCH". I bought one at my neighborhood Pharma Plus on January 14, 2000. Please bear in mind, just because the head of a company says that a product is the next best thing since sliced bread, doesn't always lend a great deal of credence to their statements.

    In all there are 22 testimonials. Here are the names of those who gave them. If any of you know them personally, just ask them how they are doing, and how long they took the stuff for.

    • Alan Fuller, M.A., M.Ed, Regina, SK
    • Kristin - Terelly, Orillia, ON
    • Diane Julien, Sturgeono Fall, ON
    • Loretta Berg, Gem, AB
    • Marvin Berg, Gem, AB
    • Nick A Jerch, Burlington, ON
    • Denise Lafond, Sudbury, ON
    • Laurie Ferguson, Little Current, ON
    • Tina Taylor, Gem, AB
    • Lubika Chorvathova, Surrey, BC
    • Marilyn Furtah, Glencoe, ON
    • Allison Stelter, Knonau, SK
    • Maurice Gravelle, Sudbury, ON
    • Mark Dupuis, Sudbury, ON
    • Elizabeth Woodwork, Burlington, ON
    • Linda MacDonald, Azkda, ON
    • Lorna Bob, Palmer Rapids, ON
    • Jim Moody, Mississauga, ON
    • N. Bainns, Richmond, BC
    • Diane Nicholls, Downsview, ON
    • Amanda Sheane, Jackson's Pt., ON
    • Belinda Hoffman, Calgary, AB

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    Nick A Jerch and Bell Distributors
    - Who are they?

    • Do they sell guns and gun supplies?

    • Search Google for Bell Distributors hunting

    • Do they still sell animal traps?
      Same rigid traps, except stabilization frame swings up for folding. Doors at both ends
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      1-800-BELL-DIST (1-800-235-5347) or 
      (905) 820-7000 Fax (905) 820-8000

    • Do they sell shark cartilage?

    • Do they sell bogus diet patches?

    Bell promoters

    • Who helps promote their products? - BioResource, a Fergus, Ontario promoter of alt. medical and health remedies says that Bell Distributors has "A quality line of arthritic pain relief products and weight loss patches."

    • PharmaPlus - Canada's runner up to Shoppers Drug Mart - guess what, they don't have a web site to complain. But, you can reach Art Oto at 905-502-5965. He's the director of the pharmacy and professional services.

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      (What do they mean by "traditional medical doctors? What doctor would endorse a diet patch?)

    What DietFraud has to say

    • Terry Polevoy's letter to Pharmacy Connect - you might want to sniff around Pharmacy Connects for a bit, because a pharmacist from Ontario who doesn't like me very much has some comments to make on that web site. Then again, he had some personal words to me as well. But, that's another story.

    Dr. Terry Polevoy
    Waterloo, Ontario
    519-725-2263 / 519-725-4953 fax.
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