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I love the cute Pokemon children's vitamin flyer.

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Rexall Wins Big Lawsuit against Dr. Mathias Rath
15 November 2000 - Announcement
Numico wins case against Dr Rath
On 1 November this year, Royal Numico N.V. brought a case against Dr Rath in the Court of Almelo, the Netherlands. Dr Rath has been conducting a smear campaign against the company.

Today, 15 November 2000, the Judge ruled an immediate end to these improper allegations against Numico and its wholly-owned US subsidiary Rexall Sundown Inc. This also applies to any statements made via the Internet. Dr Rath was also ordered to publish the verdict of the Court in a door-to-door distribution to householders in the Netherlands. Non-compliance will result in a penalty for Dr Rath of NLG 1 million per day.

Numico will monitor Dr Rath's compliance with the Judge's ruling closely. In the case of non-observance the company will take appropriate measures when and where necessary, in the Netherlands or abroad.

Rexall Showcase International and Enrich team up
A few years ago it was Mark McGwire shilling for a power lunch with androstendione products, and now a whole team is apparently behind products and a marketing plan that could potentially leave a bad taste in many people's mouths and a hole in many people's pockets. It certainly is a sad, sad day for baseball when this kind of product endorsement is announced.

For an Excellent Look at the History of RSI
Check out Stephen Barrett's MLMWatch.ORG

Rexall-Sundown Sold to Royal Numico

Royal Numico owns GNC and Enrich
  and now Rexall Sundown

That guarantees them hundreds and thousands of shelves full of their own products. It also guarantees the public that when they go into a store or attend a MLM meeting they can be assured of having dozens of questionable products from which to choose.

Enrich MLM Company Comments on
  Rexall Sundown Acquisition

"With the recent announcement of Royal Numico’s acquisition of Rexall Sundown, a compelling new business model is being created in network marketing. As you are aware, two of the most successful and well-respected companies in network marketing today are now part of the Royal Numico family of leading nutrition companies worldwide: Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International. The purpose of this letter is to explain our immediate plans for the two companies and our business strategy going forward.

Enrich and Rexall will remain separate entities in terms of their compensation plans, products, and Distributor organizations. A transition team made up of key personnel from both companies will be formed to consolidate some of the support functions to minimize duplicate efforts and leverage the significant synergies that the union presents."